Vertilink Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with over years of hands-on experience in software development solutions. Vertilink Technologies was established in the year 2011 for Course Designing, and Training. Based at Hyderabad, we offer high application oriented training in various Industry-Oriented Domains to uplift the Technical Skill for an Individual.

Vertilink Technologies is an IT-based service provider that guarantees to deliver high-quality software solutions for all of your demands. Our staff consists of highly dedicated individuals that are committed to providing exceptional customer service in order to achieve their utmost satisfaction. Our primary goal is to establish long-lasting relationships with our consumers by delivering dependable results via our diligent labor. We pride ourselves on our innovative talent and agility in giving our valued clients with the best solutions and a superb support system, which is more akin to developing personal relationships than merely commercial partnerships.

We provide Training and Projects in JAVA, under domains of Networking, Network Security, Data Mining, Mobile Computing, Software Engineering, and Grid Computing. Python based domains of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Deep Learning. Embedded, Internet of Things (IOT), MATLAB and VLSI that domains of Automation, Web-Based, RFID, Zigbee, GSM & GPS, Robotics, Raspberry-Pi, ARDUINO, ESP, RTOS, Digital Image Processing (DIP), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Communication, Core VLSI, Testing, Human Resource Solutions, and Off Shore stuffing for sheer high-tech yet cost- effective outputs.

Vertilink Technologies has trained thousands of professionals and students with success. The teaching approach used aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of the subject matter. We think that in order to reach new heights in training and growth, depth is a necessary component. The point has been demonstrated by Vertilink Technologies students' work in the quick-paced business environment.




Python is a widely used programming language that offers several unique features and advantages compared to languages like Java and C++.


Java is a programming language and a platform. Java is a high level, robust, object-oriented and secure programming language.


Embedded System is a system composed of hardware, application software and real time operating system. It can be small independent system or large combinational system.


IoT stands for Internet of Things, which means accessing and controlling daily usable equipments and devices using Internet.


MATLAB as an environment and keep on studying with the MATLAB programming language. We will cover entire topics of MATLAB journey;

Machine Learning

A rapidly developing field of technology, machine learning allows computers to automatically learn from previous data. For building mathematical models and making predictions based on historical data or information.


Asfiya Firdous student Thank you vertilink team for sharing your experience with us in our project.it was very informative and helpful for us. And special thanks to Younus sir and raheem sir for explaining each and every thing.
Rahila ShaharashstudentProper classes has arranged,and staff was helping at anytime we need something to know also the respective sir.Project has been completed with out any issues..
KT SOWJANYA student I have done my mini and major project in this institute. We had a good learning experience. The project was very well explained and all our doubts was clarified very well repeatedly by our Guide.Excellent faculty



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